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    Welcome to Golfon International Specializing in International and Domestic Tours, Tournament Organizers,
    Corporate Golf, Junior and Adult Golf Schools

    Golfon International specializes in international golf travel for individuals, couples and small groups wishing
    to take exciting and unusual golf adventures designed not only to include the best golf experience at your
    favorite destinations, but also to provide ideal accommodations to suit your preference whether it be the
    finest hotels or at local country lodges.  We can connect you with o the local community to

    Single golfers are invited to join any of our scheduled tours which are usually accompanied by David
    Paterson or other PGA Golf Professionals who happily supply instruction and support along the way.  

    Junior and adult golf schools

    Golfon International stages Junior and adult golf schools and family domestic and international golf tours,  
    and organizes corporate golf outings and tournaments around the world.

    Golf Around the World

    Over the years many satisfied clients have enjoyed Golfon's adventures to world-wide golf destinations,
    Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Bermuda, Portugal, Morocco, South Africa, Australia,
    New Zealand and, of course, many destinations in the USA including South Carolina, Michigan, New Mexico
    and North Dakota.  

    It's not all about golf

    In designing golf tours, offer more than just golf by providing information about local attractions,
    entertainment, places of historical interest and the best neighborhood restaurants. For instance our
    Scotland Golf Tours might include the local Highland Games where you can see brawny, kilted Scots
    tossing the caber, throwing the hammer or highland dancers leaping to pipes and drums.  In England you
    might like to join the Sunday service at Winchester or Canterbury Cathedrals before you play golf.  

    Take a look at our 2019 scheduled events which feature outstanding musical entertainment as well as golf
    at four exciting destination in the USA.  


    Interested in joining one of our International and Domestic Golf Tours? Golfon International makes it easy to
    connect with us by allowing our clients to register online to obtain more information.

    All prices are subject to changes in international foreign exchange rates and availability at the time of
    booking confirmation. Call or email us to receive more information.

            Deposit policy:  A 20%  deposit is required before booking with full payment 45 days before departure               

          Note.  To see full details of all tour policies link to Golfon International Terms and Conditions
Introducing our international "it's not all about golf" special adventures for 2019  
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